We are thrilled and honoured to have a unique lineup of amazing events. For exact location and times refer to the Locations page. Keep in mind that the artists are not paid so your donations will go directly to the artists and help to ensure the long term viability of PorchFest. Each, non-sponsored artist will have a donations box, lemonade stand, open case or hat. Make sure to bring some financial love as you enjoy the day.

Chris ZImmerman - 1pm - 451 Ottawa Street, Almonte

Sponsored event taking place at Dandelion foods as part of Dandyfest -chriszimmerman.ca

Lost: Pet Pigeon - 2pm - 252 William St, Almonte 


Will Nalley - 3pm - 38 Carss Street, Almonte

Solo acoustic guitarist who also uses background loops and has a large play list of tunes everyone will love. https://willnalley.wixsite.com/willnalleymusic

Ricocheted - 3pm - 54 Martin St. N, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0

Amazing husband and wife duo with some cool orIginals and covers.

Gifts for Gaia - 3-6pm - 94 Martin Street South, Almonte

A trio of artists offering a show of works about nature and the planet.

Standard Electric - 3pm - 195 Water St, Almonte (Fairgrounds)

Bass. Drums. Guitar. Vocals. We like alternative, rock, R&B, folk, punk, jazz and blues. But we sound like jangly indie rock. Sponsored event as part of Bus Fusion. All are welcome. https://www.facebook.com/standardelectricmusic/

Ragged Flowers - 4pm - 99 Elgin St., Almonte


New Sounds - 4pm - 255 William Street, Almonte

Jazz combo of young lions mixing modern jazz with a few classics and originals.

Fred Dell’Amico- 4pm - 105 Union St N., Almonte


Cratur - 4pm - 140 Brougham St, Almonte

Celtic fiddle band Cratur will perform dance inspiring fiddle tunes including Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Quebeçois and Ottawa Valley. Two fiddles, guitar and bodhran.

The Dusty Bits - 5pm - 157 Church St, Almonte

An ensemble of guitar players who have been getting together at Mississippi Music Works weekly to play, swap songs and better their guitar playing.

Rewind - 5pm - 113 Queen ST, Almonte

Rock covers from the 60's on up to recent times


The Brindled Cats- 6pm - 53 Ottawa St Unit 3, Almonte

Jazz duo with Rob McMurray on guitar and Brendan Gawn on bass. Playing standards, bop and modern jazz tunes in a conversational style that is both relaxed and adventurous. Sponsored event at Crooked Mile.


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